June 25 Wednesday, Bastimento Is.

The rain has arrived. The mornings are a heavy downpour, and has been letting up in the afternoons so we can get around in the dinghy without getting soaked. It's nice to be able to keep the water tanks full! We are one of 20 boats in the anchorage, but plan to leave this afternoon for another spot - visiting friends (Lois & Lynne) who are house sitting on Bastimento Island. There are many places to explore....someone compare this area to the Chesapeake, with the advantage of clear water and great snorkeling.
I love finding the tiny frogs---though many are poisonous.
We're enjoying the rocking of the boat again, the breezes, and the lack of noseeums! We'll slowly work our way to the Chagres River, which is right around the corner from Colon.

June 16, 2008

Our return to Panama City via Spirit Airlines went smoothly. They never even opened the big box that had our new Raritan head (toilet) in it. That, and our two 50lb. checked in bags, we put through air cargo, (freight) on our commuter flight to Bocas. An extra $40., but having all that shipped to us would have been a lot more! So the head is installed, working fine, and we're tackling little projects we need to do. We're enjoying visiting with fellow cruisers. There's a nice change of people coming and going here; from all over the place. We'll do our jobs that take electricity and use the dock water to clean and scrub before we leave to go live on the hook again.
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Back in Florida June 1

Since Infini's in a safe place at Bocas Marina we flew to Florida to visit the kids, (and take care of 'stuff'). They're all in Orlando except Tyson, who's at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The comparison of two lifestyles is a fun break from routine, and walking the isles of the grocery store never ceases to amaze me! I've been slowly working on the millions of pictures I've taken. It's a learning curve with me--especially with the new lap top I'm getting to know. But I've finally figured how to link them to this blog! So gradually I'll be adding folders of the places we've visited.
The weather has been wonderful here; we're missing the rain and winds from 'Alma'...hopefully it will all be cleared when we return to Panama next week!