July 18 2009

Well we did play pack mule for our four 50lb. bags....plus we shipped 3 big boxes! We're joined by our dear friend David (our 4th son); who was recently laid off from his architect job. He's volunteered to help us with our many projects and to line handle when we go through the canal. How lucky are we? Our three boxes also made it here. We picked them up.....but are still wondering where it will all go! For now the boat is torn up again; tools everywhere. The prop and shaft are out----and the engine hoses are all getting replaced. Life on the hard is not easy, as we can't use the head or sinks....and schleping our gear up and down the ladder constantly; but hopefully things will go smoothly and we'll be back in the water soon.

July 8, 2009 Back in Florida

After seeing friends and family in both Mich. and Florida, we had a wonderful trip to Europe. We spent a few days in London, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Venice before visiting our son in Utrecht, The Netherlands----the highlight of our trip. Ty and Amber were the best tour guides ever; our week was over way too quickly. We can see why Ty enjoys it there. I've never seen so many bikes commuting and not crashing into each other....I'm glad we had mostly country roads to contend with when we bicycled one day. I'm really glad we had the opportunity to make this trip!