Aug. 28, 2010 Daniel's Bay, (Baie de Taioa)

We returned to Daniels Bay along with our friends on Soggy Paws. What a wonderful 5 days we had. A crew of workers had been busy and cleared the already good trail to the village of Hakaui even better. The flowers and plants were in bloom, as there's been more rain. Hence the hike to Vaipo Waterfalls was much wetter, the falls themselves a gushing thunderous roar now...not a weak stream. The rocks we sat on in the cave alcove at the base of the falls before were now underwater, and the windy mist was very strong. We saw the eels in the pond this time....coming up to eat scraps from our packed lunches. The next day we were guests of Ma'i and Maria for a Marquesan meal. Breadfruit prepared two ways, goat in coconut milk, and fish (that Matt helped spear fish earlier in the day with them)...A good time was had by all.
Our hike up to the southwest ridge with Maria as our guide was a highlight for me. As Michael doesn't enjoy playing like a billy goat, he stayed aboard and passed on the 1600ft. steep climb. We really did see a lot of wild goats....there were plenty of them around! The view was incredible, with the pastures on the opposite side so different from where we came. Matt has a pair of 'five fingers' foot wear that is very unusual for us, let alone the Marquesan's here. There was one casuality; a loosened rock that was careening down hit the back leg of Maria's dog, and put a nasty gash in her foot. After being carried by Maria for awhile, she was able to hobble back down with her now wrapped up foot. What a reminder of what can happen in the outback...we're hoping she heals without any problems!
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We're both having trouble posting pictures, as the internet is painfully slow when we do have it......
Can you see Infini and Soggy Paws in the middle bay? An incredible view from the top!

The crew has returned - Aug. 19, 2010

Sue and Matt (along with four heavy pieces of luggage), had two full days of travel from Florida to Nuku Hiva to join Michael aboard Infini. Laurent and Laetitia drove Michael, Dave and Sherry (what a nice surprise!) in a borrowed 4 wheel drive pickup truck to greet us at the airport. The traditional Marquesan lei's we received were beautiful! We then toured part of the island, stopping at an overlook of Comptroller Bay for an incredible picnic lunch. We also visited an ancient me'ae (Marquesan equivalent of marae, where religious ceremonies were performed). Next stop was a friend of Laurent & Laetitia's in Taipivai that is a tattoo artist, as well as a bone carver. It was a very winding road, with numerous switchbacks, and we needed the 4 wheel drive; it's not completely paved. The weather in the mountains was rainy, and dodging the horses, cows and piglets was a challenge. We made it back before sundown; time to unpack (where's it all going to go?) and get 'acclimated' once again to the rolly motion of this anchorage.

It's been a whirlwind two weeks...8-17-10

For Sue that is....she flew to Florida for their youngest son's college graduation. Congratulations Matt! He will now be joining us on Infini...a break he's been looking forward to for some time. We will be staying in the Marquises until we leave for Hawaii.
Michael has been tending the boat in Nuku Hiva....we won't leave Infini unattended at anchor...and the closest marina is a weeks sail away in Tahiti. So Sue got to see family, catch up with friends and shop for more things to bring being a replacement topping lift that has frayed (another 'thank you' that it didn't part at a most inopportune time).