The crew has returned - Aug. 19, 2010

Sue and Matt (along with four heavy pieces of luggage), had two full days of travel from Florida to Nuku Hiva to join Michael aboard Infini. Laurent and Laetitia drove Michael, Dave and Sherry (what a nice surprise!) in a borrowed 4 wheel drive pickup truck to greet us at the airport. The traditional Marquesan lei's we received were beautiful! We then toured part of the island, stopping at an overlook of Comptroller Bay for an incredible picnic lunch. We also visited an ancient me'ae (Marquesan equivalent of marae, where religious ceremonies were performed). Next stop was a friend of Laurent & Laetitia's in Taipivai that is a tattoo artist, as well as a bone carver. It was a very winding road, with numerous switchbacks, and we needed the 4 wheel drive; it's not completely paved. The weather in the mountains was rainy, and dodging the horses, cows and piglets was a challenge. We made it back before sundown; time to unpack (where's it all going to go?) and get 'acclimated' once again to the rolly motion of this anchorage.

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Pat said...

hey folks - just wanted to say howdy and let you know how much i enjoy your postings! shaboom's finally in new york (i'm doing nuclear things at the govt. lab); perfect timing as the office closes next summer and it'll be off to the next federal destination. kentucky's the big threat but i'm taking my future into my own hands at this point! keep up the news, and i miss you all. 551 days til retirement!!