Nov 1 - Getting around

We've been busy! Both Sue and I have made separate trips to Paihia with friends to get a Sim card, more money, and a haircut. I've seen some of the tradesmen here, and many have good reputations for most yachtie needs. One of the SS fabricators stopped by to help design a fitting needed forward of the headstay, extending from the bowsprit, so we can fly our code zero sail. One of the canvas shop guys came over to talk about a new dodger with us. I've also stopped by one of the rigging shops to discuss some modifications with them. This afternoon, an electrician came by to review a few electrical gremlins that have been giving us a bit of a challenge. Progress on many fronts. It appears that many of the tradesmen here charge in the $65-70/hour range, so major projects can cost quite a bit, albeit many of us are using currency exchange rates to our favor. We were pleasantly surprised when our friends March and Pam of sv Passages docked next to us. (We're in the slip they were in last year!) They had just returned from Fiji and said it was one of their best passages they've had. Lots of folks to see and things to do! And yes, it's rainy and cold; it reminds us of the Pacific Northwest.
Pic: Good to see friends from the past; we had met in Panama. Sue & Pam didn't plan on the same wardrobe.

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