April 1 - April Fool's; no joke

This morning was spent doing more provisioning. Two stores we found fairly well stocked or able to get most things are the 3S Supermart (tel 8006893535) and the Causeway (tel Mohamed at 9981967). Both stores will arrange free delivery. Frozen goods are relatively scarce except for chicken; better to stock up whenever and wherever you can along the way down the chain. Ex: we still haven't found cheese yet. One issue here is the lack of a good dinghy landing area. To the west is a small beach area that allows easy access to the Link Road for a walk into town. Otherwise, the Gan Retreat Resort is charging $2USD p/p/day to use their dangerous, slippery steps! Forget it! We rafted up quite near the Police and Coast Guard boats and used one of the Police boats to walk thru and climb up the sea wall; much easier on a high tide. Muthhi had arranged the fuel truck to come directly to this area, and we hosed diesel directly into our jerry jugs in the dinghy. No need to schlep them all over the place; convenient and quick. By late afternoon, the diesel transfer was complete and it was time to clean up. We decided to go out for dinner and found a buffet at the Equator Resort just down the road. There are, I was told, 3 different buffets; tonight's was $18USD p/p. The food was delicious and very enjoyable; a good choice for celebrating April Fool's Day!

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