May 8 - Safe arrival in Madagascar

Pos: S12deg00.8min/ E049deg13.2min; Mpaninabo Bay. We had a fast sail here, covering 1514 nm in 10 days, 2 hours; average speed 6.3 knots. We'll be updating this blog when we get SIM cards in Hellville, Nose Be (connecting to SailMail and Winlink has been almost impossible, and frustrating hours have been spent in the effort). We're so happy to be here; everything's fine with the boat and crew, and Team Infini sends hugs to all; we'll catch up to emails when we're able.
Pic: The lighthouse at the northern tip: Cape Ambre. Nice with double reefed main and a scrap of jib, about 1/4 to 1/2 mile off.

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Fire said...

Hello Infini, just wanted to say thanks for the information on your blog. We have been following in your footsteps and are finding your notes very valuable. Cheers, Rose