Jan 17 - Update

Along with 3 other boats crews, we hiked around to Point Saline; return being about 10 km (6 miles). The bays nearby are beautiful and, of note to those interested, we walked by one of the several clothing-optional beaches. The next day, we tied our dinghy to sv Maia, and hitched a ride to Le Marin, which gave us a chance to explore the area and shop at the chandleries and Leader Price, the local large grocery aside from the Carrefour, which we didn't go to. The marina at Marin holds about 700 boats, and along with those yachts anchored, there must be over 800-900 boats around this bay. There's also a haul-out yard and all the technical support services most yachts would need. Too bad hurricanes come this far north....At night at anchor, the loud music still vibrates through the boat, especially on weekends. There are daily rain showers, but the wind has been quite modest for the last few days.

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