6-2 Update

We've enjoyed a bit of running around these last few days. Of course, no visit to Prickly Bay is complete without going into Budget Marine. To put things in perspective, a tube of Life Caulk costs $33 USD! (I passed). We also walked over to Aziz's place for schwarma; good as always. We'd met two other cruising couples during our stay here: Pam and Andy of sv Grace and Bobbi and Craig of sv Mana Kai. Our small group has had fun playing bocce, walking to Secret Harbour Marina for their once-monthly Sunday garage sale, and enjoying several delicious happy hour and dinner gatherings. Pam & Andy are doing a lovely restoration of their Morgan OI 41, and Bobbi & Craig are absolute newbies - they've owned their catamaran for 4 weeks! So there you have it; meeting and having fun with new friends in great places!
Pic: Andy blowing the conch shell at sundown; M giving it a good try. More practice needed!

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S/V GRACE said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL or SUSAN!!!!!!! It seemed like Michael was writing, but then I thought it might be Susan. Well, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, both of you! Thank you for a) letting us know you arrived safely, b) introducing us to your fascinating blog, and 3) the pleasure of your friendship! Your stay in Prickly was one fun week! Pam&Andy S/V Grace