9-13 A few changes have occurred

Hi all! Our time back in the States is winding down and we're making preparations to return to Infini soon. We've had a few changes we'd like to share. First off, we no longer have a SailMail email address. To contact us, please use the svinfini email address found in the header to the left side or our other email addresses many of you have, as we expect to find internet wifi throughout our next cruising season. We may also be reached by email at our HAM call sign address: KJ4IHF at winlink dot org, but SSB radio connection issues occasionally do occur, so please be advised we may not be able to retrieve your emails as expeditiously at that address. Next, for the last 10 years, Sue has used Picasa web albums to share our pictures on this blog. Google+ has recently integrated the Picasa platform, and unfortunately, no common url was found to transfer those 200+ albums as they were. What that means is that Sue has had to transfer each album separately so that each may be viewed in this blog, but the sequence of the albums has been reversed...the oldest is now the first album viewed, and our most recent albums are found at the bottom after much scrolling. If any of you know how to change that on Google+, please let us know. As far as following us along by pressing the button to the left which activates Shiptrak, that function seems to work pretty well with one notable exception; our passage from Australia to Thailand. Some cloud based snafu resulted in all those positions being permanently deleted and they are unable to be retrieved; we'll just have to live with that one. Also, please note that we intentionally did not use Shiptrak regularly throughout various portions of our Indian Ocean transit due to security concerns present at that time. As usual, we'll continue to update this blog and wish you all safe travels wherever you are. Please keep in touch and let us know how you're coming along. Cheers!


David Greene said...

Looking forward to catching up with you before we head for Panama. We're in Carriacou now. Keep us posted?

Michael and Susan Beilan said...

Ah, you decided to transit? Folligou is going similar timeframe. Will look forward to seeing you both and catching up. Cheers!