6-26 Acting the pack mule

Unpacking the boat in 90 degree F weather isn't my idea of fun. It's just amazing the amount of "stuff" the W-43 holds and my lower back will attest to that. I think I read somewhere that for the W-42/43, the figure for 1" of water immersion of the hull is about 1000-1200 pounds; ie it takes about that amount of "stuff" to have the hull lower in the water by 1". I'm not sure how accurate that figure is, but can tell you that our waterline has gone up 3"-4". So, by that calculation, I've taken somewhere about 3000-4000 pounds or so off the boat in the last week. That "stuff" is now spread out all over the house, and Sue's done a great job of trying to keep up with the chaos, indeed, to stay ahead of it. We can now get to every nook and cranny to clean and spruce up without having to trip over ourselves or constantly move something out of the way. What a luxury! I'm pretty sure I see a smile on Infini's face....


Gail Dol'Selene said...

Congratulations on completing the circumnavigation. I bet all the stuff you are taking off Infini has many memories attached to it.

Michael and Susan Beilan said...

Hi Brian & Gail: Just saw your post; sorry for the late response! Enjoy the Carib. and let us know if you get this way. Our regards to all.

buramans buramans said...

Hey, Infinites,

Congrats! What a journey, eh?
What will you do with Infini?
How does it feel to be on land?

We miss Gromit so much. Wish we
were still out there.

Best to you,

The Gromiteers