11-5-10 Friday

We've been having a wonderful time here at the Hawaii Yacht Club. The YC members see transient boats come and go regularly, and are used to extending their hospitality. We try to reciprocate by getting involved in many of the activities here: a regular morning coffee clatch, Friday night races, Monday night BBQ's, afternoon yoga classes twice a month, and various special events as they occur. And we've only been here a few weeks! We've both also visited several doctors and dentists for routine exams. We haven't gone out to eat that often, but one notable place was the Spaghetti Factory, where we accompanied our friends Ray and Ramona, and their children Kai, Kiana and Kahealani. The kids have become accomplished Farkle players and even play in the car as they're being driven around! On the home front, Matt's returning Friday morning from American Samoa, and various boat projects are getting started, which will be discussed in another blog entry. It's also a bit easier to get around, as our friends Dave and Sherry (s/v Soggy Paws) returned to the mainland for a visit and left their car for us to use. M's been busy ordering stuff, and Sue is once again wondering how it's all going to fit aboard the bulging Infini.
The picture is from our visit to the Old Spaghetti Factory.

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