10-28-10 Honolulu, Oahu

We've moved from the Aloha guest dock to a slip here at the Hawaii Yacht Club in the Ala Wai Basin. Behind the locked gates at the end of the pier, you can forget the big city is a short walk away! We've bought two used bikes from Walmart for our transportation; that and the city bus and shuttles will get us around. We've been meeting new friends; the Aloha spirit is alive and well! Michael & Matt joined sv Zion's family (Ray and Ramona and their three wonderful children) for a weekly Friday night race here. They placed 2nd in the non-spinnaker division, and 11th overall...a grand effort and fun for all! There are many long term members and live aboards here....we feel lucky to be part of their extended family for awhile. We've been cleaning the boat and working on our "list". The new galley sink faucet and spigots have already been installed.
Shortly after our arrival Matt was offered a crew position aboard B2, a Nordhavn 64 Expedition Motor Yacht, going to American Samoa. The captain and 3 crew will get there in less then 2 weeks....Matt will then fly back to his much more basic abode here. What an opportunity for him!
Most mornings here have been spent drinking coffee in the yacht club and tracking down and ordering parts and supplies. Shipping to Hawaii is expensive, but a necessary part of the repairs and upgrades we plan to do. Example: four new 175 watt solar panels (purchased here) are sitting on our deck, awaiting the arch modification from the welder we've contacted (who has yet to show up!). Scheduled visits by local canvas, diesel, and rigging experts have already been booked. Many of our upgrades would, under most circumstances, be done by us; but with limited time and many major things to do on "the list" we've opted to farm out some of the punch list.
The picture is B2 leaving....with Matt as one of the crew.

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Ben en Miek said...

Hey team Infini!
greetings from Tonga! Good to read you reached Hawai in good order and enjoying it there. We are waiting for a window to cross to New Zealand. Anchored of a nice little motu with ( at last!) free internet...so no complaints.
By the way we think we met Mike's brother, his name is Baker and he lives in Neiafu, his voice (he does the vhf net there) is exactly like Mike's. So we kept thinking about this funny coincidence. When we actually met him we started to doubt our hypoyhesis, he looks very different than Mike. But he is a very nice guy too.

Hope you are ok,
love from Ben en Annemiek