Feb 10 - Frigoboat installation

We've been tackling the reefer/freezer installation project with Dan Toye of Electromarine Services (Hilo/Oahu) as head guru. First the 134a refrigerant had to be evacuated from the old system. Then the two large Dole cold plates were removed, along with the associated copper tubing, expansion valves, receiver, accumulator, condenser, on/off valves and pressure cut off switch. I had already removed the old thermostat gauges and modified the teak cutouts for the new electronic ones. So, the only remaining part of the system is the Technautics Cool Blue 12V compressor, as it will still be used to drive the reefer side of the new system. (I'll keep the Tecumseh belt driven compressor temporarily, as it drives the engine pulleys, until I mount the new water maker pump/pulley assembly). The Frigoboat keel cooler for the freezer was installed last week during haul out. After carefully measuring, we bent the two new Frigoboat evaporators (one for each box) per the provided instructions into U - shaped forms to fit the boxes. Each evaporator was then mounted with standoffs. Not too difficult so far, even though the boxes were a bit out of square. A few new holes had to be drilled to accomodate the copper tubing, with everything being led to the area both compressors are. The new Frigoboat water cooled compressor will mount right next to the existing air cooled Technautics compressor. For anyone wondering why this arrangement....the Technautics compressor works fine and saved the expense of purchasing two new Frigoboat systems. There may be some technical issues of mixing the Technautics system with an evaporator plate rather than a cold plate, but we'll see how it all works out and have an adaptation available if there's any problems. We still have to hook up the refrigerant lines and connect all the wiring for both compressors and thermostats. The Frigoboat system comes precharged, but we'll have to add refrigerant to the Technautics side. At that point, all I'll have to do is screw the hinge of the freezer lid back in place...where did I put those screws?...and we'll then turn on the separate breakers to test each side of the box. It'll be good to see how it all works out and have an efficient 12V system.

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