Feb 4 - Haul Out

Thursday afternoon we motor sailed to Keehi Marine Center where we side tied to the steel trading schooner Machias. We were supposed to be hauled out Friday morning at 10:00, but things didn't go so smoothly for the large wood motor yacht that was hauled at 0730, and we weren't hauled and blocked up until 1:15 in the afternoon. Ordinarily, we wouldn't care about details like this, but we're on the "Weekend Special" here at the yard. Haul out is usually at 0730 Friday, and splash at 0730 Monday, all for a set price. (in our case $495.00) So, any work that needs to be done has to be completed before splash at 0730 Monday. Btw, our lift weight was 42000 pounds, about what I had figured over the W-43 design weight of about 31500 pounds. At any rate, we had the diver clean the bottom two days before haul out, and he did a great job. We didn't need pressure spraying (expensive), and Matt helped me wash and gently prep the bottom (with the black scrubby pad things) in preparation for Hempel bottom paint ($142/G). This is only the second time in our boating history we've used ablative paint, the first being in Panama, where we applied Jotun bottom paint about a year and a half ago. We had always used Petit Trinidad epoxy paint on all our boats, and are finding the durability and application of the commercial ablative paints quite good, and much more reasonably priced than most yacht bottom paints. Matt then taped the water line and applied a coat of paint to the entire water line area on both sides. We then rolled paint down the starboard side and painted the entire rudder, which used up one gallon of paint; by that time it was 4:30 in the afternoon. We then determined where we wanted to place the keel cooler for the Frigoboat freezer unit. Drilling holes in the bottom of one's boat is always a scary proposition, but the one and a half inch hole was placed perfectly. Installing the stud model of the keel cooler took longer than I expected due to it's location inside the boat under one of our storage bin units, but we finally finished the day at 7:30 pm. So, it was a very busy six hours; tomorrow we just have the port side of the boat to paint, the prop to wire brush and paint, touch up under the pads and any holidays we missed, and new shaft and MaxProp zincs to install; we're planning on everything to be completed by the end of the day! After all, the day after will be Super Bowl Sunday, and who wants to be bottom painting?

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