March 1-2 - Wanaka and Queenstown

The ride from Franz Joseph Glacier to Wanaka is very beautiful. The weather was clear and we stopped by Lake Wanaka to picnic and check the internet. In the late afternoon we walked down to Waterfall Creek (at Roy's Bay) and admired some small sailboats sailing on the lake. In the morning we drove to Queenstown, again enjoying beautiful scenery along Lake Wakatipu. We walked around the town, and noted we were two of many, many travelers enjoying the area. We could see hang gliders nearby the gondola that goes up one of the nearby hills. Q-town is known for its extreme sports; hang gliding, river rafting, bungy jumping, parachuting, jet boat riding, and other forms of adrenalin pumping activities. We just enjoyed the scenery, harbor front, and local treks, as well as the coffee shops!

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