March 5 - Mt. Cook - Timing really IS everything

We checked into the Glentanner Holiday Park, drove up to Mt. Cook village and walked the Hooker Valley Track in the late afternoon sunshine and blue skies. Mt. Cook was awesome! The glacial lakes and icebergs of Lake Hooker (in Hooker Valley) were our reward after a 1.5 hr walk over semi-rough trail and rocks, including two wonderful swing bridges, and we gazed upon the same scenery that the early explorers saw as they looked up at Mt. Cook towering 3754 meters above them. We gave silent homage to Aoraki, the Maori name for Mt. Cook, knowing that frequently the window for viewing and enjoying the experience as we did was a short one; indeed, clouds and rain were forecast for the next day. The wind was howling; stronger the closer we got to the glacier face. Our legs felt pretty spongy upon our return, which just goes to prove how out of shape we really are! But...we've reviewed our pictures (we'll post them when able)...and you'll agree that the scenery is some of the most amazing in the South Island.
(The picture is the view of Mt. Cook from our cabin.)

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