Jan 15 - Haul out

Our haul out at Boat Lagoon didn't start out as smoothly as I would have liked. We were originally scheduled for haul out at high tide at 10:00 AM, but that was changed to 08:00. At 08:00 the keel was in the mud and I couldn't move the rudder! At about 08:45 the haul out manager came over to us and impressed upon us how busy they were and more or less directed us to move our ass right now....So...I literally backed Infini up in the mud and eventually made it to the haul out area, where there was a marina dinghy acting as a push boat to help us back into the slip way. Then, the boss man wanted to lift us with only two straps on the travel lift... which I flat out wouldn't allow; we've been lifted many times, always with four straps in consideration of our size and displacement. The travel lift backed up, shut down, and I figured we were really in deep trouble...but they hooked up the heavier duty units and four straps and proceeded to lift us without problems. Whew...We were placed directly in front of our contractor's shop who's doing the total refit of Infini. We unloaded Infini's contents into a storage unit on site...our bodies feel the effects! We still hadn't a place to live, and last night slept on the floor of our buds Kim & Sharon's condo - (Georgia J - they had just returned to Thailand from a visit to the US). College days all over again! Today, we looked at a place our new found friend Peter, the manager of East Marine Chandlery here at Boat Lagoon Marina, had managed to arrange for us to see in his neighborhood. It's a new 2BR, 2B home and the price and particulars suited us fine...though it is truly Thai living with such a different layout/open air effect. So, after a busy day, here we are...unpacking our stuff from the boat and enjoying a cold beer! Lots of work and things to do coming up...best to take it one day at a time.

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