Jan 19 - Refit update

Our total refit is underway, and progress has been made these last five days. We hauled on the 14th, there's a full boat enclosure (tent) erected, scaffolding is in place, the rubrail has been removed, the bottom has been scraped down to barrier coat, and the topsides has been sanded! Sue and I have taken off about 50% (at least) of everything below decks, and much above decks, and put loads of stuff in our storage area. We have also moved into our small rental house, cleaned and organized, had time to shop in a few of the various stores around town, and have gone out to eat with friends! Small wonder we're a bit tired lately! Sue hopes to finally have time and decent internet to get some more pictures uploaded.
Pic: Sue climbing the scaffold, going up for more 'things' to take off the boat; it's early, before the work crew starts.

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Dan said...

Looks like quite a project on your hands. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes along the way.