Sept 14 - Krabi night market

This morning we completed installation of the port side Harken cheek block; scratch that one off the punch list. We also finished a few other small projects, leaving the afternoon and evening to play. Krabi has a "walking street market" Fri-Sat-Sun evenings, and it was great to see an amazing choice of local foods and lots of crafts. Anyone coming this way should make an effort to come to this market; you'll be amply rewarded by the inexpensive local food and carnival atmosphere. We also enjoyed the entertainment; children playing their string and woodwind instruments; the karaoke singers on stage couldn't compete! We've booked our flights to Bangkok and will be seeing Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand in a few weeks. Can't wait; it's time to hit the road.
Pic: We enjoy seeing local artists in action. This one is carving flowers out of soap, which she then dyes and puts in a lacquered or coconut box.

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