Aug 31 - Ko Dam Khwan

No7deg57.30min/ E098deg48.68min We anchored in 48', certainly deep for us, but the drop off to get to 30' was too close to shore for my liking and we were planning on spending two nights here. The longtail boats flocked in and out taking tourists snorkeling, and it was pretty busy until late afternoon when all the tour boats had departed. This island is known as "chicken" island due to the rock formation at it's southern end that resembles a chicken neck. It's quite near Ko Dam Hok to the north. Between the two islands is another very small island with a sandbar that is only walkable at low tide that separates that small island and Ko Dam Khwan; it all sounds a bit confusing but is very picturesque. After loading the dinghy with extra fuel, we drove around both islands, stopping at one of the tourist spots on the north side of Ko Dam Hok for a fresh ear of corn hot off the BBQ and a cheap beer. The reef didn't appear that healthy but the fish population certainly is. We figured the tour guides must feed the fish, as they came right up to our masks, seemingly unafraid, and gathered in the hundreds, if not thousands, presumably looking for handouts. After enjoying the snorkeling each day, we relaxed in the overcast afternoon. By early evening of yesterday, it was blowing 16 knots from the NE, putting us on a lee shore, and the GPS anchor alarm was going off. Hmm. We reset the alarm distance and waited out the squalls, which were short lived and brought some needed rain. The dinghy had been placed on the foredeck in anticipation of an early morning departure, so we were set for whatever the rest of the evening would bring.

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