Feb 5 - Galle

The three boats (Imagine, Mr John and Infini) and six crew arranged with Ekka Tours (94-72 337 1116) for two tuk-tuks to take us around town. First stop was the bank, where we used the ATM to get Sri Lankan rupees, 130 per US dollar. Next was the internet/SIM card shop, where we hooked up again with the world. Then we walked the wall of the Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Check out: http://amazinglanka.com/wp/galle-fort/) After, we ate an early lunch at a local place. My direction to Ekka was "hot (spicy) food, cold beer" but the restaurant didn't serve beer so we settled for chicken curry, fish curry, rice, dall, roti, and a few dishes I can't recall the names of: a potato one, a chicken gizzard-egg one, and a spicy grated coconut one. We were all stuffed. After a quick stop at a hardware and then a grocery store, we returned to the port area and were stopped by the guards because we weren't carrying that Port Security paperwork I spoke about yesterday. Sue went back to the boat with Mr John (he had his) to get ours, and all's well. Pics: at the internet/SIM store. In the tuk-tuk.

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