Feb 8 - Another busy day

I hadn't finished my first cup of coffee before diving into the engine room to change the alternator belts. The old belts probably had a lot of miles left on them, but I figured the Balmar Dual Delta Stator 165A alternator would appreciate new ones anyway. Before I could finish any more coffee, we were off to the dinghy tie up area to fill up a few buckets of fresh water so Sue could do a bit of laundry. I had dropped off our large bag of laundry to Batu, as he and Ekka have arrangements for some locals to do the washing and ironing for us. In the late afternoon, we all went over to Ekka's house for dinner. We met his wife, daughter and two sons, and enjoyed a wonderful meal that we were told was "toned down" for our Western taste buds. I also picked up our propane tank, which had gone out for refill. We're refining plans for our visit to Yala National Park; more on that later.

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