Mar 9 - Ascension Island

Pos: S07deg55.24min / W014deg24.732min. We had a good, but somewhat slow, passage here, but all went well and we arrived early morning yesterday. Ascension Island is a very small island, about 800-900 people here, mostly American and British military. The airport runway here used to be amongst the longest in the world, as it was used as a potential emergency landing strip for the US space shuttle. We've seen, and swam with, the green sea turtles that are coming here to lay their eggs on the nearby beaches. Fishing has been good, and we caught a nice yellow fin tuna just offshore the island; we threw back some other, smaller species we couldn't identify. Last night, we hosted happy hour aboard Infini, with the crews of Mantra, La Luna, and Quickening joining us. Matt prepared a delicious Hawaiian tuna poke dish (thanks Ray and Mona!), and we enjoyed a congenial gathering. This morning, we cleared in with Customs & Immigration, as well as Port Control; officialdom is easy and smooth in these parts. Our plan is to explore here a few days, probably leaving later this week for Fernando de Noronha. AWA.

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