Nov 17 - Details

We noticed a water leak near the exhaust manifold attachment to the heat exchanger while motoring yesterday. I tightened up the nuts and hose clamps, and put a bit of high-temperature gasket sealant around, but nothing changed. We dinghied in to the office at TTSA to inquire about things, and caught up on wifi. There's a bar and restaurant here, and many rows of boats on moorings, but Infini is too big, and too heavy to consider a mooring, not that we wanted one anyway. The showers are good; a bottle of Stag beer is 11 TT. In the afternoon, Falco, the mechanic, came by and discovered a split hose and loose hose clamp right near our leak. How I missed that one is a source of embarassment. Fortunately, I had a length of 1" heavy duty hose that we cut to size, fitted, and voila, leak solved. On the way back from dropping Falco off at the dock, I noticed the Yamaha pee hole wasn't putting out water; something else to look into. Otherwise, all's well. Most all systems have been checked; the water maker will have to wait until we get to clean water to service. We bent on the jib early in the morning when there was no wind; also, the staysail was hanked on as I anticipate we'll be using it. The new snubber line was put in service, and we settled in for the night; it gets dark at about 1800 hours.
Pic: So lovely to be back in the water! Sunrise is usually calm. The routine afternoon winds make the anchorage a bit more lively.

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