Nov 25 - Pirates Bay

Pos: N11deg19.769min/ W060deg33.198min. We motored up to Pirates Bay, Charlotteville, at the north-west corner of the island. The anchorage is deep, 55-60 feet, but holding is good and there’s plenty of room for everyone. We’re getting slow wifi a long way from shore. The dinghy dock is at the main dock in front of the small town, but use a stern anchor to keep the dinghy off the dock. Several small stores, bars and restaurants line the bay. The local fisherman’s coop and gas station is nearby. I bought a few jerry jugs of gasoline, but no diesel was available. Propane is not available here; get it in Scarborough. Actually, not too much is available here; one of the charms of this small place. Potable water is found at the end of the dock, available from a yellow hose. Customs and Immigration are at the rear of the small Health Center, but hours seem a bit erratic and no one seems in any hurry. Small town living; relaxing, but not that convenient for cruising needs, should you have any.
Pic:The quaint small village of Charlotteville is the fishing center for the island.

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