Feb 22 - Marigot Bay; Independence Day in St. Lucia

Pos: N13deg58.0min / W061deg01.7min. It's been an active week. Our eldest son Tyson and his GF Hanne arrived Friday afternoon on the ferry from Fort de France, Martinique, after flying in from Antwerp, Belgium. It's so good to see them! In the morning, the new Lifeline batteries arrived, so the maneuvers went something like this: disconnect all the wires from the battery terminals, get the new batteries to dockside (after clearing Customs here in Rodney Bay), lift the old batteries out of the boat by the main halyard, lift the new batteries into the boat by halyard, connect everything back together; change the settings on the Outback solar charge controller as well as the Balmar regulator, test everything out...then shower and the walk down the dock to meet the ferry and welcome Ty and Hanne! A busy day! Wait...it's wasn't over...in the evening we all went to the Gros Islet Jump Up. This is a weekly street party which takes place every Friday in the town of Gros Islet nearby the marina complex; incredibly over the top, loud music, lots of choices of wonderful street food, and dancing in the streets by tons of apparently inebriated tourists and locals. Good fun, at least one time... Saturday morning we departed the marina, and Hanne got instructional lessons on how to run the dinghy, as well as an introduction into snorkeling. Sunday found us hiking Fort Rodney to Signal Point; then more snorkeling in the afternoon. Sue's experimenting mixing rum with various fruit juices for the best rum punch; someone's got to be the guinea pig. This morning, we had a delightful sail from Rodney Bay to here. Ty scraped the barnacles off the prop, and we'll go exploring the area later this afternoon. All's well aboard.

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Bobbi & Peter Tafara said...

My daughter & husband will be in St Lucia in April. When do you plan to be in St Maartin?