Feb 7 - Update

Well, Ian Cowan of Island Water World here in Rodney Bay Marina was kind enough to email his source in Florida, who then used her Raritan sources to find out the cost of a new cylinder pump housing; not an easy piece to find. Suffice to say, the price was high enough to justify chucking that whole idea and buying a new Jabsco Model 29090-3000 Manual Compact toilet, which has now been installed aboard. This morning I finished stripping out most all the usable parts from the old Raritan, and now have quite a collection of new and used spare parts for the Raritan PHII, which eventually will be sold to some lucky cruiser at greatly reduced prices. Sheesh, you should check the catalog prices for most of these parts...crazy high. The Raritan bowl and cracked housing got placed in the proper recycling area here at the marina; Rodney Bay Marina has one of the few recycling areas in the entire Caribbean. At any rate, every day finds that various other small projects have been completed. We also ordered two Lifeline AGM 8D batteries to be shipped from DC Batteries in Miami to here; note: an agent is required for Customs clearance as well. Unfortunately, shipping via Tropical Shipping from Miami to St Lucia will be on next week's palate, so we'll be hanging around Rodney Bay until their arrival the 18th, then pull back into the marina for another 1-2 days for pick-up and installation. Sue just reminded me to mention that we had a lesson on how to play the steel drums yesterday. We took a short walk to the nearby reknown Gros Islet Pantime Steel Orchestra school, where the instructor patiently tapped out rhythms to a few yachties and visitors who tried to keep up. Fun and games in paradise.

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