3-21 Terre de Haut, The Saintes

Pos: N15deg52.34min / W061deg35.15min. We departed Portsmouth early; probably too early, as the wind was light and variable for about 1 1/2 hours. In the pass between Dominica and Guadeloupe, the expected east wind filled in nicely at 18-22, and we enjoyed a great sail at 7-7.5 knots for most of it. We passed through SW Channel, and had an easy beat to about 1.5 miles from the anchorage here at Terre de Haut, but had to motor the last little bit with wind on the nose at 20-22 knots. No drama. We picked up a buoy at 1030 hours, sat back and enjoyed the scenery. Later, we checked in at Multiservices; easy. The folks from sv Tevai, moored directly in front of us, stopped by to chat as they had seen our SSCA Commodores burgee (they are Commodores also), and we ended up going to dinner with them (Tim and Pattie) and their friends Charlie and Anina of sv Prism, at Couleurs du Monde. We enjoyed good food, good company, and didn't have to do the dishes! Btw, for anyone taking a mooring ball, we suggest you run 2 separate lines; one from the starboard side back to the starboard cleat, then one from the port side back to the port side cleat, both lines through the mooring eye. This gives added protection in case one of the lines chafes through, as happened to a large Oyster in the Portsmouth anchorage several nights ago who had only used one line to tie to the mooring ball, running that one line from starboard to port - not a good idea. Tomorrow, we'll explore the village here and plan to go trekking to the various forts on this small island.
Pic: The Boat House, built in 1942, now the residence of a medical doctor.

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