3-24 Full moon fun and a morning walk

The night before last was horrible on buoy #8. The current had swung us in all directions (Sue named it "The Full Moon Fiasco Dance") and we were at risk of hitting the boat next to us. We, and everyone else, were rolling terribly, and the mooring buoy was doing its best to scratch our paint. It was close to midnight and we were both on the bowsprit rigging up a line to a block on the code zero extension to try to hold off the buoy. I had yelled over to our neighbor that we were getting too close, but they didn't seem too concerned. Did I mention the roll was awful? Sue rested in the cockpit for a few hours; I got a few hours of disturbed sleep and took over watch very early morning. Not much rest for either of us. By 0700, I noticed a boat had left his mooring on the other side of the bay, so we slipped our lines and moved over to that mooring (#36). Although everyone is still rolling horribly, the wind is up (25-30 knots), and that's keeping us off the buoy. This morning, we hiked to Fort Napoleon. There's a wonderful museum that depicts in detail the battle of The Saintes that took place in 1782, which pitted the English (Admiral Rodney) vs the French (Admiral De Grasse). The English won, and the museum has done a very good job overall. The views from the Fort are also incredible.
Pic: An awful design for a mooring. We added a line from the end of our bowsprit to hold the buoy off when slack tide/no wind.

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