12-18 Privateer Bay

Pos: N18deg18.65min/ W064deg37.6min. In an effort to find better snorkeling, we motored around the corner from The Bight and anchored in Privateer Bay. The price to stay on a mooring overnight in the BVI's is $32/night, so we figured we save a few dollars and anchor. We dropped the hook nearby the western-most corner of the bay but had a sleepless night when a few squalls ripped through and the anchor alarm started blaring. We definitely dragged, but instead of trying to get 110' of chain up in heavy winds, I took the bridle off and basically reset the Delta. That worked, although we kept a wary eye on things. At night, everything seems closer than it really is (at least to our view), and the rocks and surf weren't too inviting, what with the depth going down to 14' when we swung. Everything held, and we pulled anchor early morning to get out of there and on the road.

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