12-24 Christmas Cove, Great St James Island

Pos: N18deg18.4min/ W064deg50.0min. Where to spend Christmas? What better place than Christmas Cove, near Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas. With the added advantage of the Pizza Pi boat. Yes, that's right. A couple of young entrepreneurs are baking a variety of pizzas and other starters aboard their small motor-sailor with a specially equipped pizza oven. They take orders on VHF 16 or phone; the mushroom pizza and jalapeno poppers we ordered were good; lots of other boaters must have agreed as the orders were pouring in via VHF all afternoon. Christmas day found us snorkeling (again, not all that impressive) but the green turtles were around and Sonja got some really good footage with her Go Pro. There was a raft up in the afternoon near the shore line. Most of the boats were small runabouts, but a few were dinghies, and the local crowd was on the younger side. By nightfall most everyone had left and it was quiet once more. Actually, that is, until the charter cats started anchoring around us. Ordinarily, no big deal, but these were 74' Privelege catamarans. Big, 2-3 stories high. One cat directly astern; he was fine. One direcly to port, about 30' off when we swung; that captain was an idiot; he obviously didn't value his or my vessel too highly as he was way to close. I figured he had good liability insurance for his multi-million dollar yacht so didn't get overly excited...We hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and Holidays with friends and family; our love and hugs to all!

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