1-5 Snorkeling the Tektite and hiking to the petroglyphs

the morning we dinghied around the point to one of the two red mooring balls close to where the Tektite lab was located. Richard (sv Sea Level) showed us around. This was a NASA funded underwater scientific lab built in 1969-70 and focused on decompression as well as the effects of isolation and working in close environments, the first time these had been extensively studied. Only a few porcelin tiles remain to mark the area. The fish were plentiful and and the reef, for the most part, was healthy. In the afternoon, along with Steve and Maria (sv Aspen) and Lee (sv Allegro) we hiked the Lameshur Bay Trail, and a few miles of the Petroglyph Trail found us at a dried up waterfall surrounded by large boulders and petroglyphs of indeterminate age. Steve related that the current thinking is that these particular petroglyphs had not been scientifically studied, but are thought to be from around 1000 BC. They were remarkably well preserved and we hope they'll remain for future generations to enjoy. We arrived back to the boat at 1630, and a jump in the water was so refreshing.

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