1-7 Conch-o-mania

Sue, Lee and Sharon snorkeled just off our boats in 20-25' of water hunting for conch. You're allowed to take 2 conch per person per day, so we were optimistic. I was in Allegro's inflatable kayak (support crew...) and followed nearby. Lee did all the work, harvesting 8 conch in record time. We then took them to the beach for cleaning. This morning, we hiked to the Tektite Museum and VIERO camp, a first rate stop that explained and exhibited the Tektite underwater lab facility. After, we arranged our conch fest for late afternoon. Sharon made conch fritters and Sue the conch salad, topped off by peach crisp with Easiyo yogurt for dessert. We hadn't eaten our own harvested conch since the Bahamas; was that really about 20 years ago?!
Photo credit to Sharon of picture of Michael

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