3-11 Matthew Town, Great Inagua Island, Bahamas

Pos: N20deg57.17min/ W073deg40.83min. Passage stats: from Boqueron, Puerto Rico to Matthew Town, Great Inagua Island, Bahamas was 422 nm and took us 69 hours; average speed (anchor up to anchor down, including about 4 hours of motoring) was 6.12 knots. The Mona Passage was, as we expected, boisterous; we departed in 25-30 knots of wind and experienced gusts in the low 30's. However, the north coast of the Dominican Republic was calmer as we headed west, and this last 24 hours or so was picture perfect; a steady 15 knots from the ENE with little to no seas. We're anchored at 0445 under a bright moon in 14' water just in front of town, and will go in to check in with Officaldom in a few hours. We also need to buy a Batelco SIM for our phone, so we'll go exploring as well. All's well aboard.
Pic: 'The Basin' where our dinghy is tied to a Haitian sailboat. The island has been ravaged by hurricanes Joaquin and Matthew the last two summers, but the welcome and friendliness of the people cannot be surpassed. Batelco was closed until Monday, but there's free wifi at the library 24/7. Morton Salt is the big industry here; the second largest saline operation in North America. Ships go to Man o War harbor just north of us to load. We hear the flamingo colony is worth a visit.

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Sonja Pedersen said...

Great to hear you are in the Bahamas! Beautiful moon tonight! Enjoy!