3-3 Best laundry day ever

Well, whodathunk? A Norwegian single-hander flagged us down to ask about any laundromat in town nearby. We didn't know of any, but were discussing it with a few other folks at the head of the dinghy dock and organized a trip. Our new friends Joe and Candy, from Houston, Texas, drove their rental jeep, taking Cora and Isra (sv Akun) and Yvette, a local here, drove the Norwegian, Lars (sv Pomona) and us to the laundromat in Cabo Rojo. Prior, we had stopped and met Yvette's parents and 17 year old cockatoo, enjoying their lovely hospitality as well as the talking and singing of the cockatoo. After, we went to the nearby laundromat, where the immediate choice was doing it ourselves or letting the laundromat owner gal do it at $1/lb. She carried the day, and we left en masse and I spotted a bakery across the street. In we went for a late morning snack. After that, we went to a local bar, where we salsa danced to great music from an old juke box, played pool, ate yet more local food, and yes, had a bit to imbibe. We learned all about the local PR liquor shots here; don't think I've seen that much beer consumed in ages (not by the author, of course. He had to have a steady hand to film all the goings on. That's believable, right?). This went on until 6:30 pm, when we finally left to pick up our laundry (the laundromat closed at 7 pm) and return to Boqueron. We put ours in the dinghy and were ready to continue our adventures in paradise. The street scene here picks up Thursday thru Sunday, with live bands playing in many of the local bar/restaurants and dancing in the streets. Joe introduced us to bacalaitos, which are flat codfish fritters: salted codfish in flour and spices, then deep fried. A cardiologist's nightmare, but oh, so good. They're about 15"-16" diameter, and we were fine sharing one, but where one is good enough, two must be better? A bit much at that point, as we then turned around and went into the BBQ place for a chicken dinner. When that was done, we had our choice of bars and music and I've got to say, the Admiral has improved her salsa dancing quite a bit.... See what can happen when you've got a bit of laundry to do? We all agreed this was "the best damn laundry day ever!"

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