Feb 14 - Happy Valentine's Day

We started the day off at the gym we joined last week located just inside Boat Lagoon Marina. Today, as on most mornings when we get there, we were the only ones there; no wait for the machines! After a quick check on the boat, we drove home, changed, and picked up our roomies, Stuart & Sheila, for a drive to the coast. This house we're renting is near Thalang and is a really convenient base to see a lot of the island. We didn't know this when we came up here looking for a place to live, but a lot of interesting places are a short drive away. Today, we started off heading towards Bang Tao, taking many of the side roads we had never been on to the beaches which follow each other up the west coast. We finally ended up back on familiar roads and stopped to eat a late lunch at palapa filled Nai Yang Beach. It wasn't crowded, the food was really good and served in bamboo pieces, a first for us. After, we stopped at a few roadside markets, buying fruits but passing on the crickets and insects piled up in mounds that some folks were buying. We wanted to take Stuart & Sheila to Nai Thon Beach as the ride there is one of our favorites, where we found a shaded table on the sand at one of the many restaurants and had a nice conversation with one of the people who worked there about the large Buddhist temple close by to where we live. We made arrangements to go there and have her give us a tour of the temple, something off the beaten track for most folks. Our evening wound down at the house playing a game of dominoes, only of interest to any of you who have ever played dominoes with a constantly changing set of rules....

Pics: A corner of Nai Yang Beach; a plane is coming into Phuket International Airport. The half dozen boats anchored in the bay need to know the boundary limits for anchoring near the airport.
Crunchy snacks anyone? We haven't yet ventured to taste the stir fried larva, crickets, or grasshoppers.

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