Feb 2 - Refit update

While we were in Bangkok, two more coats of primer were sprayed on the topsides. On deck, sanding of the side decks and cabin sides was done, and areas were further taped off. The hatches and turtle hatch were removed to the shop for sanding and varnishing, as were many of the doors and drawers from down below. The stanchions are being removed and one small hole that housed an unused 12 volt plug on the starboard bulwarks in the bow area is being filled in. I didn't get to the cockpit as there's a lot of new visquine taped off for the over-spray, but will view the entire deck and cockpit areas next week with Mr. Gig before the first coat of primer is applied to them. Picture: the bottom of the teak turtle hatch was starting to rot on the underside(and impossible to repair properly without complete removal), and will be replaced with a new turtle of fiberglass covered marine plywood.

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