Feb 24 - Refit Update

Unfortunately, a bit of a delay has occurred. There were severe thunderstorms over Boat Lagoon Marina the last two days and the protective awning over Infini was shredded. The sides of the tent were mostly intact, but the roof and some side seams were torn up and flogging. Another smaller awning of sorts was placed over the area of blue topsides that needs the final coat of paint, but it's been too humid and drizzly to spray. This morning the work crew scampered up the galvanized pipe tent frame and began the arduous task of replacing the top. Local weather forecast calls for more rain over the next 2-3 days....Picture shows the sky instead of visquine covering the top of the tent; the temporary 'hood' placed over the soon to be sprayed topsides is in the forefront of the picture; part of the pipe framework of the tent is behind the workman on deck.

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