Mar 30 - Refit Update

The painting of the deck, house and cockpit non-skid areas was completed yesterday. Two coats of Awlgrip Cream color mixed with #2 sand have been sprayed and provide a nice, light contrast to the rest of the Oyster White finish above decks. It feels pretty good walking around, and it's nice to have that non-skid feeling of security underfoot when going forward or working on the house areas. Down below, the refinishing and varnishing is well on its way. The floor has been entirely sanded, and most areas have received 8 coats of polyurethane. There's still more finish sanding and such to go on the trim and a few bulkheads, but it's good to see progress. I've been told that all the visquine as well as the tent itself will be off the boat in about one week, and the interior varnishing should be complete, so we'll have to wait and see how all that goes. Also, the deck gear is scheduled to be re-installed next week as well which will, finally, put me to work alongside the crew to ensure sealant is used properly and everything is as it should be. Some woodworking projects need completion: the new rubrail and a table support down below. Also, the lazarette cover, dodger, and new hatch turtle need to be sprayed and non-skid applied as well. It should be a busy week....The Thai New Year's celebrations are April 13-17th, so I'm hoping everything is completed well before then. Pictures: Deck, house and cockpit after the non-skid paint was sprayed. Some of the tape and visquine has just been removed along the port side; there's a whole lot more to go!

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Anonymous said...

We are contemplating a refit of our Westsail (S/V Windrifter) and wondering if you would be willing to share an estimate of the cost of painting the hull and deck - would love to compare to cost of getting it done in Trinidad. Thank you.