Mar 6 - Refit Update

It's all about the deck now. As many of us know, decks take a lot longer to prep than the hull topsides, especially when everything on deck has to be removed, holes filled, gelcoat cracks repaired and the entire surface is gone over by finger, checking by tactile feel for irregularities or an area that needs further sanding. The lads have been at it "a while", and it looks like it'll be "a while" until finish paint is sprayed. Can't rush these things, especially as we want the deck to come out looking as good as the hull. Picture: Although dark, this is an interesting picture as it shows Mr Gig (white shirt and cap) talking things over with a few of his crew. Note all gear has been removed from the deck and bulwarks. Sandpaper, epoxy putty, some mastic for temporarily filling of holes, and yards of visquine covering are seen.

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Anonymous said...

Good to catch up on Skype , sorrry we were cut off. The hull paint job looks great . The shipyards have come a long way in 35 yrs. Have you got more trips planned after the haulout ? Enjoy your stay ! J&L