Mar 1 - Refit Update

We are a blue boat again! After playing footsie with late afternoon rains the last few days, the painter sprayed the third and final coat of Flag Blue Awlgrip in the early afternoon yesterday and it had plenty of time to tack off before a 15 min squall hit Boat Lagoon. The extensive hull prep, visquine tenting, spraying the surrounding pavement with water to prevent road dust, along with using a large extraction fan for any airborne well as the meticulous hull wipe down and the talent of the guy applying the paint, resulted in a beautiful finish coat. We're expecting heavy rains due to a tropical storm hitting northern Thailand, so I doubt the next few days will be too productive.'s good to be blue! The picture surely doesn't do justice, but once the visquine is removed it'll be easier to take better views of the hull.

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