April 13 - Happy Thai New Year!

Suk san wan songkran! Today is Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year. It takes place from the 13th thru the 16th of April, and most businesses are closed. Per Wikipedia: "The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water. Thais roam the streets with containers of water or water guns (sometimes mixed with mentholated talc), or post themselves at the side of roads with a garden hose and drench each other and passersby. This, however, was not always the main activity of this festival. Songkran was traditionally a time to visit and pay respects to elders, including family members, friends, neighbors, and monks. The Songkran festival is counted as a new life." So, most businesses in Boat Lagoon Marina are closed. We, on the other hand, worked today, as it was the first day we could get aboard without a bunch of workers scurrying around. It was good to go thru the boat and make notes of what needs attention, what was forgotten, and what looks great. The windlass and compass were installed, and we puttered around doing a bunch of little stuff until mid-afternoon, when we quit and went back to the house for a much deserved beer and shower. We have a couple more days to get stuff done with no one else around, then the crew will be back and work will start again. The intermittent rain has been heavy for the last few days, coming in the afternoon and lasting a few hours. Today was overcast with a few showers, but nothing too dramatic. The Thai year is 2556...and started with Buddha's death that many years ago! Another glimpse of life in the boatyard; we hope all of you outside Thailand enjoy a happy Songkran and that the New Year brings good things your way!
Pic: Enjoying the pool at our friends villa in Ao Po last week...thanks Alene & Bruce!

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