April 27 - Refit update

We are very happy to report that Infini's refit is, for the vast part, complete! As in all major projects, there are a few niggly items to address, but, overall, we are quite pleased. The purpose of this refit has been to address cosmetic details (paint and varnish), and Infini is now looking great above and below decks. We'll be putting together a more complete picture album of the last three months refit when we find the time to do so during our upcoming return trip to the States. Pictures: The interior picture shows part of the starboard salon area above the settee with new varnish applied as well as the new formica around the shelf and cabinet area. You know you're nearing the end of the project when the boat name goes back on!


Julia Angel said...
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Trim said...

Did you guys find a good deal on labor and materials in Phuket? We were planning to do essentially the same thing when we got to Thailand.


Ken & Lori