April 7 - Refit Update

The bootstripe was sprayed yesterday afternoon, so we can now declare the painting process finished! Varnishing is still going on down below, and there are still deck pieces to install, but overall, we can see the end game fast approaching. The hull bottom sanding should start this week in preparation for the application of Interlux InterProtect 2000E which will go on when we return from our visit to the States. Picture: the sprayed bootstripe and completed paint job. There's still lots of visquine and tenting over the deck. A chain of workers are passing some of the finished doors and locker covers from the shop to the guys on the scaffolding, then on up to the deck for installation below. There are three more workers on deck installing fittings and three below as well. At times, we've counted 8-10 guys working on the project.

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