Aug 16 - Dockside

We're enjoying being back aboard. Of course, we're still sorting stuff out (we tend to do that full time), but overall, things are good. I changed out the old engine room insulation for new, high tech stuff. The emergency tiller was fixed and has been stored back in the lazarette. One leaky dorade box aft is being addressed, and the autopilot pump has been repaired and should be back first of next week. The reefer/freezer systems are working fine so far, and there's been enough sun to keep the batteries happy. So, overall, things are good and we're looking forward to leaving the marina next week for a bit of cruising; it has certainly been a while. Tonight, we ate at the Hardstand Cafe at their Friday night BBQ. The menu is all you can eat ribs, chicken, sausage, shrimp, Thai salad, pumpkin soup, regular salad, spring rolls, garlic bread, watermelon and pineapple for 250 Baht (about $8.00 USD); highly recommended. Restraint is also recommended.
Pic: Our cockpit view of the marina office (lighthouse) and fuel dock just below it; the entry/exit channel into/from the marina complex goes right past it.

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