Aug 28 - we're on auto...

We seem to be sorted out on the autopilot issues, at least for now. It's required a new pump to be installed and a lot of labor charges, but things seem to be working as they should. (For those interested, I bought an Octopus model 1012 linear drive unit. The new electric pump with solenoid was then taken off that unit, securely attached to our existing hydraulic ram unit, wired to the Simrad processor and the system hydraulics were hooked up. Everything checked out properly at sea trials. Time to repack that lazarette!) We're planning on staying around Ao Po and Naka Yai for a couple more nights as the tides east at Krabi aren't deep enough to allow us to enter the channel to the marina until Sept 2nd, so we've planned on dinner with friends tomorrow evening, then off we go on the 30th to explore new regions.
Pic: M & Bao sorting out the autopilot. Second worker is in the lazarette too!

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