Aug 30 - You need lots of diesel...

or infinite amounts of time and patience. We do a lot of motoring around here. The currents are strong and the winds not always dependable. We motor sailed to Ko Yao Yai, and anchored at N07deg58.20min/ E098deg37.00min in front of a beautiful beach. A small fresh water river flowed down to the beach and we got to do a bit of beachcombing before heading back to Infini with a large storm cell in the distance tracking our way. It never did hit us, but we did get some afternoon light rain. Our anchoring spot was so peaceful; isolated beauty and cool breezes. The squid fleet's bright lights were in the distance about 10 miles away. The only sounds were birds and insects, and an occasional airplane going to the Phuket or Krabi airports. A heavy rain around midnight had us doing the "close the hatches" shuffle, but it didn't last long.
Pic: On the beach- Ko Yao Yai.

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