June 17 - Baramahamay Bay (Honey River)

Pos: S13deg42.802min/ E047deg54.084min. The entrance to the river has lots of shoal water, and care must be taken. We had read to hug the northern side, and had no difficulty finding 24' to anchor in towards the end of the bay before the river forks. The anchor was hardly set when a young guy came over in his pirogue asking if we wanted to buy honey (though no English is spoken) . We did; a 1.5L plastic bottle cost 10000Ar, and has a quite distinctive taste. Other folks came by to try to sell crab or just to say hello. The chief of the village was gone to Nosy Be, so we missed her. We did meet the school teacher, Daniel, and walked to the small school house. The kids go to local school from ages 6-12, and may then go to Hellville (Nosy Be) for college (our high school) if their parents can afford to send them. The village here has 60 people, and the school 65 children, according to Daniel (kids also come from other villages in the bay). This is a nice, quiet place; there is no internet or cell coverage, and no electricity or running water either, although well water is available.
Pic: Daniel and the other teacher.

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