June 24 - Moramba Bay

Pos: S14deg54.281min/ E047deg20.157min. It blew all night and this morning, 22-25 knots sustained. At about mid-day, the wind went down to about 20 knots and we decided it was as good a time as any to haul anchor and go up into the bay. Even though we had a favorable current, winds continued to gust to SE 25, pretty much right on our nose, and the water depth was 20' in most areas; our speed was down to 2 knots much of the time. Yuck. We finally anchored at our destination in 31' and although it's still blowing, we're well protected. The Sifaka lemurs are supposed to be on the beach directly in front of us, and a big baobob tree stands sentinel over the surrounding trees.

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